DHA license is issued by the Health Regulation Department of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). It is mandatory for all medical professionals who want to work in hospitals, clinics or pharmacies in Dubai to have a DHA License.

Who can apply for a DHA license?

The DHA Health Regulation Department determines the licensing for medical professionals to have the right skills and qualifications to provide quality healthcare services to Dubai residents. The applicants from the following categories can apply for a DHA license.

  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Nurse
  • Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Allied Health

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To maintain quality services to the people, DHA allows only the best of the best. The chances of acquiring a license will be higher when all the paperwork is submitted through the proper channel and category.

Healthcare professionals who don’t have much experience in online submissions upload the wrong documents. This can reduce the chance of getting a DHA license to practice in the UAE. Proper hassle-free paperwork can boost your chances of working in the Dubai healthcare sector.

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