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CareerLink HR is one of the leading healthcare recruitment and outsourcing companies based in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Our team provides a talented workforce to numerous organisations in the medical industry. Our global platform enables healthcare professionals all around the world to enhance their careers and be valuable assets to organizations.

We offer healthcare organisations short-term and long-term solutions to meet their workforce requirements. The workforce is the most substantial source and a valuable asset to any organization. Our applicants have hands-on experience and are incredibly talented. We engage talents all over the globe including the US, UK, Europe, and other countries by cultivating a work culture that fosters success, develops careers, boosts communication and honors all commitments.

As an applicant, if you are looking for a medical job in the UAE, you have come to the right place. If you are running a hospital or a clinic and need specific healthcare resources, you can approach us. Our team is ready to help you with the services 24/7.

Healthcare Recruitment

We, at CareerLink HR, help doctors of any specialty and grade achieve permanent jobs in the UAE hospitals. With CareerLink HR, you can expect:

Our highly experienced and talented medical-related staffing resources use their skills and expertise to provide you with an exceptional service pertaining to the needs of the clients. Our clients show immense trust and faith in us that drives us to offer top-notch services.

Professional Healthcare Job Consulting

UAE has been moving fast in establishing the destination as an ideal hub for career growth opportunities. With a keen focus on attracting healthcare candidates to advanced healthcare facilities and institutions across the UAE, we provide top-notch healthcare consulting services. Our team offers full-fledged assistance to candidates who wish to work in the UAE and place themselves as reputed medical professionals.

Best Healthcare Licensing Agency in UAE

As the leading healthcare licensing service provider in the UAE, we offer the right assistance and support to get you equipped and eligible to work in the place you prefer. Being one of the world's most reputed healthcare licensing agencies, we let you work comfortably anywhere you like while ensuring the best compliance with the regulations and standards of the chosen destination.

In-depth healthcare experience

Improvements in healthcare have raised the standards of quality and career opportunities. We take care of catering to both the candidates and the community while focusing on global progress. With the right partnerships and the expertise in serving professionals with opportunities that match their skills, we ensure that we meet the evolving demands of the healthcare segment.

Ensuring the Best Payment Packages

To ensure that the right candidate are rewarded, we help you get the jobs that offer the best payment packages in the industry. We focus on our placements to provide competitive benefits and salaries that align with your expertise. By choosing CareerLink HR, you don’t just find a job, instead, you build a secure future with financial growth and stability. Let’s prioritize your financial well-being with career development.

Experts In Healthcare Recruitment Services

CareerLink HR is the foremost provider of medical staffing solutions in UAE, dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs. We serves as a vital link between qualified healthcare professionals and the specialised services required for innovative healthcare demands. Whether you’re a healthcare professional seeking opportunities or a hospitals in need of specialised resources, look no further. We connect highly trained and licensed doctors, specialised senior and managerial level nurses, allied health professionals, and other healthcare experts from around the world who perfectly match your needs. We attract talent globally from the US, UK, Europe, and beyond. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you with tailored services.

Healthcare Medical Licensing Services

The Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements (PQR) is a standard licensing document developed by the UAE health authorities. These necessary requirements of healthcare professionals are mandatory to practice in the UAE as per the federal laws and international best practices and standards. The rules and regulations slightly differ as per the region such as Dubai (DHA & DHCC), Abu Dhabi (HAAD/DOH), Sharjah & Northern Emirates (MOH). We, at CareerLink HR, offer various licensing packages to medical professionals and help them with the entire application process.

Bridging Healthcare Experts to Specialist Medical Facilities

Are you ready to kickstart your Healthcare Licensing?

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Why CareerLink HR Leads the Way

If you’re seeking a medical licencing in the UAE or need specialists in healthcare sector, you come to the right place. We are a fully licensed recruitment company based in the UAE, approved by the government and registered in Sharjah and the UK. Our authorisation allows us to provide licensed professionals throughout the UAE.

Proven and Reliable Expertise

Our skilled team possesses an in-depth knowledge of the medical licensing process and the specific requirements for every healthcare profession. With a proven track record of assisting numerous healthcare professionals in obtaining their licenses, we understand precisely what it takes to complete the process efficiently and effectively.

Cost-Effective Solutions

CareerLink HR provides competitive and cost-effective pricing for our services. We recognise the expenses involved in the recruitment and licensing process, which is why we aim to maintain reasonable prices. Our goal is to ensure that healthcare professionals can access quality licensing services without financial strain.

Quick Processing Time

At CareerLink HR, we value the importance of time for healthcare professionals. Therefore, we will select you based on the exact requirements. We efficiently collect and verify your documents, prepare you for your exam, and submit your application. Our aim is to get you licensed swiftly so you can begin practicing in specialist healthcare services.

Client Testimonials

Real Results from Real Clients

Take a peek into what our clients are saying about their journeys with Careerlink. Get a real feel for the value we provide and the satisfaction our clients experience when teaming up with us.

“I worked with Careerlink during my registration to the DHA system. I was assisted by a very helpful team and all my questions were answered quickly and patiently. In terms of my experience, I found the team to be very friendly and helpful.

Dr. Ayse Oner
Dr. Ayse Oner

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Turkey

“I am so grateful to have worked with this team. They never gave up on me and were always professional and polite. Their dedication to their customers is truly impressive. I highly recommend working with them – they are the perfect combination of skill and customer care.”

Dr. Sandro Cecile Furiati
Dr. Sandro Cecile Furiati

Specialist Dermatologist, Italy

“Excellent service. Fathima was very helpful. She responded to my email within minutes, even on the weekend. I am deeply impressed and appreciate my experience with the entire CareerLink HR team “

Dr. Mehdi Elhamdi
Dr. Mehdi Elhamdi

Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Qatar

One of the best agency for UAE job applications. After a previous bad experience in another agency, i turned to careerlink HR for help. The whole process of DHA license application went so unbelievably smooth and fast and i got my license in a short span of time. I would definitely recommend to anyone new who is looking for a reliable , efficient and smooth license processing.

Dr. Bharathraj Kidambi
Dr. Bharathraj Kidambi


A very professional and experienced team, definitely choice no.1! In particular Mrs. Shahana, who predicted the week, in that all the necessary documents would be verified- incredible! The verification process with another company took me over two years- without success. I regret not chosing the CareerLink before! THANK YOU A LOT !

Dr. Marko Ursic
Dr. Marko Ursic

Oral Surgery

I found Fathima to be an efficient, patient and very helpful staff member who journeyed with me through the sometimes complex and confusing registration process. I thank her a lot for her service. My gratitude will be immense if careerlink can help me find a good job too 😊

Dr. Jaydip Sarkar
Dr. Jaydip Sarkar


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Frequently Asked Questions

To get a medical license in the UAE, you need to pass the licensing exam relevant to the emirate where you wish to practice, such as DHA, HAAD, or MOH. After passing the exam and verification, you can apply for the license through the appropriate health authority’s portal.
As of 2023, UAE Nationals and graduates from UAE universities can take the DHA exam without any work experience. However, if you do not fall into either of these categories, you must have a minimum of 2 years of clinical work experience to be eligible to apply.
To obtain an MOH (Ministry of Health) license in the UAE, you must first have your educational qualifications and professional experience verified. Then, you need to pass the MOH licensing exam. Upon successful completion, you can apply for the license through the MOHAP website.
The HAAD license, now known as the DOH (Department of Health) license, is a certification that allows healthcare professionals to work in Abu Dhabi. It ensures that practitioners meet the required standards of knowledge and practice. To obtain this license, candidates must pass the DOH exam and have their credentials verified.
Candidates are allowed up to three attempts to pass the HAAD (DOH) exam. If you do not pass the exam within these three attempts, you may need to undergo additional training or meet other criteria before being allowed to retake the exam.
The MOH (Ministry of Health) license allows healthcare professionals to work in the Northern Emirates of the UAE, excluding Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The HAAD (DOH) license, on the other hand, permits practice specifically in Abu Dhabi. Each licensing body has its own examination and credential verification processes.