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CareerLink HR is a leading doctors recruitment agency based in Dubai,UAE, providing top-quality staffing solutions to healthcare organizations in the region. With a team of experienced professionals, we help our clients find the best candidates for their medical staffing needs.


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The first step is to submit your resume and cover letter through our online application form or by contacting one of our recruitment specialists directly.

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Upon selection for a position, CareerLink HR will help you transition into your new role with onboarding assistance, including paperwork and orientation. 

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CareerLink HR

Expert Healthcare Recruitment Agency in UAE

CareerLink HR is one of the leading healthcare recruitment and outsourcing companies based in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

Our management is supported by experts in the healthcare recruiting industry who hold the expertise for international best practices. Our asset lies in delivering optimal knowledge of immigration and consultancy to those who want to grow their career overseas.

Over the years, CareerLink HR has created a niche for itself in the HR realm by delivering numerous recruitment and selection services to the healthcare and medical industry. Our team of experts in the medical and HR industry work towards leveraging the business of our clients by offering HR services. Furthermore, our presence gives us a benchmark to stand as one of the top HR firms.

With our decade-long expertise in the medical and HR domain, we can deliver real solutions for all kinds of business-specific demands.

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Client Reviews

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“I worked with Careerlink during my registration to the DHA system.
I was assisted by a very helpful team and all my questions were answered quickly and patiently.
In terms of my experience, I found the team to be very friendly and helpful.

Dr. Ayse Oner

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Turkey


“I am so grateful to have worked with this team. They never gave up on me and were always professional and polite. Their dedication to their customers is truly impressive. I highly recommend working with them – they are the perfect combination of skill and customer care.”

Dr. Sandro Cecile Furiati

Specialist Dermatologist, Italy


“Excellent service.
Fathima was very helpful.
She responded to my email within minutes, even on the weekend.
I am deeply impressed and appreciate my experience with the entire CareerLink HR team “

Dr. Mehdi Elhamdi

Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Qatar

CareerLink HR

Frequently Asked Questions

CareerLink HR offers a range of healthcare jobs in various specialties, including nursing, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and more.

CareerLink HR helps with the recruitment process by identifying qualified candidates, conducting interviews, and assisting with the onboarding process.

The hiring process at CareerLink HR begins with the submission of a resume and cover letter. Candidates who meet the necessary qualifications will then be invited for an initial interview with one of our recruitment specialists. This may be followed by additional interviews with the client or a panel of experts in the relevant field. Once a candidate has been selected, CareerLink HR will assist with the onboarding process, including paperwork and orientation.

CareerLink HR understands that transitioning to a new job can be stressful, and we are dedicated to making the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Our team will provide support and guidance during the onboarding process, including assistance with paperwork and benefits enrollment. We also offer ongoing support to our employees throughout their time with us, including access to resources and support services.

CareerLink HR offers both temporary and permanent positions depending on the needs of the client.

CareerLink HR thoroughly screens and evaluates all candidates to ensure they meet the necessary qualifications and skills for the position.

Yes, CareerLink HR also offers outsourcing services to help clients manage their staffing needs effectively. This includes payroll services, benefits administration, and more.

CareerLink HR recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development for healthcare professionals and provides a variety of opportunities for employees to grow and advance in their careers. This can include access to training programs, conferences, and continuing education courses. In addition, CareerLink HR encourages employees to take on new challenges and responsibilities to help them grow and expand their skills.